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Tim Doughty

My name is Tim Doughty. I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA and I work in Miami with US Legal Support that offers services to support law companies. When I'm not working I like to be at home in the garden, growing all the fruit and plants possible in this tropical climate. I don't have family in Wales, but the Welsh language called me many years ago when I was at university. Although I've learned the language diligently over the past years, my improvement was very slow until I discovered Llinos on Skype. Now I learn the spoken language, and I'm moving forward as fast as lightning!


I'm Nancy. I'm a lavendar farmer (Farmers'

I live in the hills of mid Wales to the north of the Brecon Beacons.

I work on the farm. I enjoy gardening, reading, swimming in my pool!

I wanted to learn how to say "helo", "hwyl", "diolch" and "croeso" but because of Llinos I now have more interest and I'm keen to learn more.

Why are you learning Welsh via Skype? Because I'm busy and it's convenient.

Deb Chatterton

My name is Deb Chatterton. I live in Wisconsin, USA. I have always wanted to learn another language. I had attempted to learn other languages but without success. But the first time I heard it, I knew straightaway that Welsh was the language that had been playing in my mind for years. Noone speaks Welsh where I live, so learning online is a perfect option for me. It’s very convenient. I love having lessons with Llinos - they have made a real difference in boosting my confidence to speak Welsh when I’m in Wales.

Richard Mole

I'm Richard and I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I come from England originally. I work in a bank at the moment but soon I will be studying English so that I can become a teacher. In my spare time, I like travelling, learning languages and meeting friends. I'm learning Welsh because I used to live in Wales years ago but I didn't get the chance to learn Welsh then. Learning Welsh via Skype, I can learn the language without travelling and it gives me the opportunity to speak the language in a country where noone speaks it. Llinos is friendly, patient and flexible with the lessons and I'm so happy I discovered Gwefus.

Steph a Tom

We live in Chicago, USA. Steph works as a scientist in the microbiology department at Chicago University. Tom is a scientist too and he works at the Argonne National Laboratory. We like walking in the countryside, cycling, rats (we have two!) and working. Tom enjoys going to the beach and swimming in Lake Michigan and Steph likes live music and playing with computers.

We’re from Wales originally (Steph from Cardiff, Tom from Swansea), and we enjoy learning new languages so why not Welsh!

Why are you learning Welsh via Skype? Well, not many people speak Welsh here. Also we work hard and we don’t have much spare time, so the Skype lessons are very convenient. Llinos’ lessons are great!

Simon Chandler

I'm Simon Chandler. I live in Prestwich to the north of Manchester in England. I'm self-employed and work as a solicitor in Manchester city centre. I enjoy Welsh, Wales, German, reading, writing, music, playing the guitar, singing, politics, current affairs and crime dramas. In the first instance, I was drawn to Wales, its culture and history and also the community spirit and collectivism that still exists. Later, when I started to learn the language. I fell in love with the language because of its magical beauty. As I live outside of Wales, it was impossible for me to attend any Welsh lessons, and it would have been very difficult to find a tutor in my local area. So, I was very glad when Gwefus was recommended.

Welsh via Skype, Welsh for visitors....and enquire about other languages

Andrew de Salis

Welll, I'm Andrew de Salis.

I live in Madrid, where I work as a teacher.

I enjoy the theatre, playing the guitar, the countryside, reading, football and rugby and learning languages.

I have many reasons for learning Welsh: I come from Abergele in Denbighshire originally.

Learning Welsh on Skype is a comfortable and personal way of learning with a fabulous tutor! Better late than never!

Anna Lewis

I'm Anna. I live in Trawsfynydd - a small village in Snowdonia. I used to work in education but at the moment I'm a volunteer at Yr Ysgwrn - home of the famous poet, Hedd Wyn. I like history and literature and I enjoy walking in the mountains too. I have married a Welshman and since we moved to Wales (two years ago), I have been wanting to learn Welsh. I want to speak to local people and understand more about the culture of the area. My children speak Welsh now because they go to the local school. Also I think being able to speak Welsh enhances job opportunities here. It's easier and convenient for me to learn Welsh via Skype because I don't need to spend time travelling. I have been on non-Skype courses too - with bigger groups - but 1:1 has real advantages.